Why Climax?!

First Off

Like all others we will not play the smoke and mirrors game using words like created.

Cotton is cotton and has been around for thousands of years.

Where it’s grown, quality of strain and treatment is where the difference lies.

Break-in time? Your either burning a substance off the cotton or burning off oils from your hands. If your hands are clean Climax has no break-in time

Most importantly if its not organic don’t vape it. Non organic cotton has very limited regulation on pesticides. These pesticides are dispersed once a seed starts to sprout and is imbedded in the product until harvest.

Break in time?

Why is it Better?

Instead of accepting all the product “stuffing it in a bag” and sending it out we actually take pride in the product you receive.

Our product weaved in squares is still the most efficient way to vape. Ensuring a consistent wick on each coil and not leaving material at the bottom of the bag. Or fibers floating around that might end up in your lungs.

15-20% of all product will be rejected and never make it out the door.

Each package contains 2-3 times more cotton at the same price of others.

Burn it. Really light it on fire! It will turn to ash unlike others leaving a black sticky residue.

Our compression layer is less dense allowing juice to absorb at an amazing rate.

The square itself is twice as thick giving you more premium material to aid with absorption.

Down to the package “which was created by us” it is designed to retain a pocket which helps the cotton from getting compressed.

Lastly Climax is sold in Japan.

Dry Hit Warning

Climax is very difficult to get a dry hit even with hot builds.

Once the cotton starts to dry you will notice something similar to a weak battery.

With others once the cotton starts to get dry you notice this by a harsh raspy feel.


We took no shortcuts in providing you a wick for vapers.

-Get through 20+ mls of juice before a rewick

-Will outlive coils

-No taste = No bleaches or chemicals

-No dry hit = No silica or cleaning agents

-No break-in time = No preservatives

Twice the product = because you deserve it

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